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Asterisk Bootcamp Comes to the Big Nerd Ranch, November 6-10, 2006

Big Nerd Ranch, Inc. announced today the newest addition to its line-up of classes, Asterisk Bootcamp, November 6-10, 2006. Asterisk Bootcamp, taught by instructor Jared Smith and developed by Sokol & Associates, highlights one of the most talked about emerging technologies in the telephony and programming industries. Asterisk is the perfect solution for a spectrum of telephony needs from voice over IP (VoIP), teleconferencing and switchboard functionality. As the global marketplace demands greater flexibility for meetings, conferencing, and sophisticated voice systems, Asterisk, the open source contender, provides a flexible, economical and scaleable design environment ideal for cutting-edge business, military and governmental powerhouses. This bootcamp is ideal for developers, Linux/Unix consultants, interconnect vendors and ITSP system administrators looking for an enhanced and more elegant PBX solution that rises above its more pedestrian competitors.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 31, 2006 -- Big Nerd Ranch, Inc. announced today the newest addition to its line-up of classes, Asterisk Bootcamp, November 6-10, 2006. Asterisk Bootcamp, taught by instructor Jared Smith and developed by Sokol & Associates, highlights one of the most talked about emerging technologies in the telephony and programming industries. Asterisk is the perfect solution for a spectrum of telephony needs from voice over IP (VoIP), teleconferencing and switchboard functionality. As the global marketplace demands greater flexibility for meetings, conferencing, and sophisticated voice systems, Asterisk, the open source contender, provides a flexible, economical and scaleable design environment ideal for cutting-edge business, military and governmental powerhouses. This bootcamp is ideal for developers, Linux/Unix consultants, interconnect vendors and ITSP system administrators looking for an enhanced and more elegant PBX solution that rises above its more pedestrian competitors.

The innovative bootcamp highlights the instruction prowess of Asterisk guru and author, Jared Smith. Jared is the Senior Consultant and instructor for Sokol & Associates and the creator of the IAX2 trunking technique. He is featured as a co-author of the seminal Asterisk text, Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, and one of the co-creators of the Asterisk Docs project.

"When you're dealing with emerging technologies, finding the right instructor with the requisite experience and street credentials to teach a class can be challenging," said Aaron Hillegass, Big Nerd Ranch founder. "Having someone with the knowledge base, reputation, and vigor of Jared Smith is like winning the lottery. His finger has been at the pulse of Asterisk design almost since its inception, and his ability to translate his knowledge into practical instruction for students is an incredible asset."

The Asterisk Bootcamp is a five day course which covers in-depth the keys points of Asterisk installation, configuration and administration. The course begins with an in-depth review of Asterisk as an application, a project and a community. It goes on to teach the student to download, compile, install and tune Asterisk; to connect it with both end-user devices (phones) and the outside world. Students will learn to create dialplans, to implement applications, and to make use of the long list of features which are included with Asterisk. At the end of the course, students should be able to create a working Asterisk system from a standard Linux computer, configure the system to support end users connected via multiple technologies, and to handle all necessary adds, moves and changes. If you are wanting to learn how to implement a working Asterisk system, this class is for you.

The bootcamp assumes previous experience with programming; especially with Linux.

Read more about Asterisk Bootcamp (including the complete syllabus) or our instructor Jared Smith.

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive training classes for Unix and Mac OS X programmers in a retreat setting outside Atlanta, GA. Class price of $3500 includes lodging, all meals, original instruction materials, 24-hour lab access, and transportation to and from the Atlanta airport. Students are encouraged to bring independent projects to class, allowing for input from classmates and individual instructor attention. For more information, call 678-595-6773 or visit


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Zyxel selects TI VoIP solutions for next-generation access devices and IP phones

Texas Instruments (TI) on August 30 announced that Zyxel Communications has chosen TI's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products for its voice-enabled DSL access devices, VoIP gateways and IP phones. The first IP phones with TI's chipset, V501D-T1 and V300, will be available at CeBIT 2007. Prior to that, Zyxel will roll out its high-port density VoIP gateway, P2024, according to TI.

"TI's VoIP solutions are at the heart of Zyxel's next-generation voice enabled CPE and IP phone products," said Dr. Albert Ju, assistant vice president, Telco/VoIP product line, Zyxel Communications. "TI's technological skill, system stability and proven track record in VoIP software and silicon for customer premises equipment made them the clear choice for our newest VoIP devices. Together, Zyxel and TI are partnering to offer customers the highest quality and most advanced VoIP premise products in the market."

The selection of TI's TNETV24xx and TNETV25xx series of VoIP gateway technology will enable Zyxel to deliver high-performance voice processing and new feature-rich access products to market rapidly and efficiently across a broad range of CPE devices. TI's VoIP gateway product suite combines hardware and software-based functionality on an optimized architecture and co-defined features for a broad range of voice over packet applications. TI's TNETV105x family offers Zyxel a highly integrated IP phone solution and comprehensive feature set with one of the industry's most robust acoustic echo cancellers. Using TI's flexible silicon and software architecture, Zyxel can also develop add-on functionality into its IP phones as the demand for a particular feature or application emerges down the road.

"We have been working very closely with Zyxel and their decision to use TI's VoIP solution for their next generation CPE devices and IP phones was truly driven by the strategic partnership that exists between our two companies," said Fred Zimmerman, executive director, VoIP CPE products, TI's communications infrastructure and voice business. "Leveraging our experience, field-proven VoIP software and complete portfolio of integrated solutions, we're working closely with Zyxel to simplify the process by which customers utilize Voice over IP services in their businesses and homes."

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AudioCodes and Brekeke Partner to Promote IP Telephony Solution

Successful interoperability validation complete for Brekeke's IP-PBX and AudioCodes TP-260 PCI VoIP Gateway

"Lod, Israel -August 17, 2006- AudioCodes, a leading provider of Voice over Packet (VOP) technologies and voice network products, announced today that it has partnered with Brekeke Software, an emerging leader in voice and data communications technology, to promote IP Telephony solutions through AudioCodes Open Solutions Network partner program. Interoperability validation of Brekeke's OnDO PBX and AudioCodes TP-260 PCI VoIP gateway board has been successfully completed, which will allow users and OSN partners to quickly develop scalable, high-quality VoIP telephony systems for small to medium businesses up to the enterprise level.

"Brekeke Software has a well-earned reputation for delivering high quality, intuitive VoIP products," said Shin Yamade, CEO, Brekeke Software, Inc. "Our relationship with AudioCodes presents a great opportunity for partners and resellers to receive the benefits of our experience and product knowledge. Combining the benefits of AudioCodes products and Brekeke IP-PBX create powerful tools for providing user-friendly and affordable telephony solutions."

"We are pleased to partner with Brekeke," said Ron Romanchik, Vice President of North American Sales for AudioCodes' Blade Business Line. "Our combined solutions create a significant opportunity for developers and empower businesses to implement advanced IP capabilities into their traditional systems."

Brekeke's OnDO PBX is a SIP-based telephony system well known for its easy installation and intuitive design. In addition to traditional PBX features, OnDO PBX includes advanced features such as call conference, call recording, Automatic Route Selection (ARS) failover, call forwarding, voicemail, and much more. Fully scalable for the small to medium sized business owner up to the enterprise level, Brekeke's PBX provides multi-platform support and professional technical support to its users. AudioCodes TP-260 PCI board is an ideal solution for trunking gateways to the PSTN and integrated gateways for IP-PBXs and all-in-one communication servers. Combined AudioCodes and Brekeke solutions offer essential features of a legacy PBX on an IP-PBX, and provide a combination of telephony networking and data networking for the office. The TP-260 PCI gateway board allows Brekeke to offer a one-box solution, and enables Brekeke customers to utilize a T1 line connection for their VoIP telephony systems.

About Brekeke
Brekeke is a growing leader in the SIP communications platform market. Headquartered in San Mateo, California since 2002, Brekeke offers a cost effective, more powerful alternative to traditional PBX systems. Brekeke products provide powerful functionality and technical support from professionals, making them popular with all levels of the VoIP industry, from newbie to industry veteran. Brekeke recently released Brekeke JTAPI SDK, a software development kit for Java developers and plans to release version 2.0 of Brekeke PBX and Brekeke SIP Server later this summer.

About AudioCodes
AudioCodes Ltd. enables the new voice infrastructure by providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective Voice over Packet technology and Voice Network products to OEMs, network equipment providers and system integrators. AudioCodes provides its customers and partners with a diverse range of flexible, comprehensive media gateway and media processing technologies, based on VoIPerfectTM- AudioCodes' underlying, best-of-breed, core media gateway architecture. The company is a market leader in voice compression technology and is a key originator of the ITU G.723.1 standard for the emerging Voice over IP market. AudioCodes voice network products feature media gateway and media server platforms for packet-based applications in the converged, wireline, wireless, broadband access, and enhanced voice services markets. AudioCodes enabling technology products include VoIP and CTI communication boards, VoIP media gateway processors and modules, and CPE devices. Its customers include the leading telecom and data network equipment providers globally. AudioCodes headquarters and R&D facilities are located in Israel with an R&D extension in the U.S. Other offices are located in Europe, the Far East, and Latin America. For more information on AudioCodes, visit

Vonage and D-Link Launch Wireless-B/G Broadband Router

VoIP-based calling services provider Vonage and networking technology manufacturer D-Link launched on Wednesday the VWR, a Wireless-B/G Broadband Router with 2 phone ports bundled with Vonage's (News - Alert) service. The new device is currently available online for $59.99, after a $40 instant rebate.

D-Link VWR is four devices in a box. It includes a Wireless-B/G Access Point; a built-in 4-port switch to connect wired Ethernet devices; a router function so the entire network can securely share a single cable or DSL Internet connection, and two standard telephone jacks, allowing for multiple phone lines. Bundled with Vonage's Internet telephony service, it offers customers the hardware and all needed to begin talking.

The product incorporates Texas Instruments' (News - Alert) TNETV1060 VoIP gateway chipset, which delivers voice processing and data routing functions.

"Recognizing the need for individuals and small businesses to have a myriad of options when setting up their networks, Vonage is excited to continue its relationship with D-Link, as together the two companies will work to continue to be leaders in redefining how people communicate," said Vonage Network Inc.'s senior vice president of engineering Daniel Smires in a statement. "With the rapid demand for wireless networking devices, this partnership enables us to offer D-Link's consumer-friendly, feature-rich voice terminal and wireless networking technologies, a simple way for consumers to benefit from Vonage's attractively priced, tiered calling plans."

Today's news follows Vonage's announcement on Monday about it having over 85 percent of its subscriber lines in the U.S. currently equipped with Enhanced 911 (E911), a feature that associates a physical address with the calling party's telephone number automatically. The service provider has since turned on E911 at more than 500 locally-run emergency call centers across the U.S., bringing the total number of calling centers with emergency 911 to over 5400.

Vonage Holdings Corp.
D-Link Systems, Inc.

SOURCE: Johanne Torres TMCnet Contributing Editor

Carrier VoIP/IMS Market Up 31% Worldwide

Cisco, Alcatel & Sonus Experience Strongest Growth in Q2 2006

RENO, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 23, 2006 -- According to a recently published report by Synergy Research Group, the worldwide Service Provider VoIP market increased 31 percent year-over-year driven by strong Media Gateway & Softswitch sales. Regionally, the U.S. contributed the strongest growth of 12.8 percent sequentially and was followed by APAC and EMEA with growth rates of 8.4 and 6.0 percent, respectively.

"The Carrier VoIP market continues to evolve with strong momentum," said Ryan Olsen, Analyst at Synergy Research Group. "Synergy believes this will accelerate as Carriers migrate to IMS, providing ample opportunity to those equipment vendors that have invested early in this architectural migration."

Table 1. Q2 2006 WW Service Provider VoIP Market Shares
Position Q-Q Growth

Nortel 1 - 21.4

Cisco 2 + 72.3

Sonus 3 + 8.1

Siemens 4 + 10.3

Alcatel 5 + 68.9

Table 2. Q2 2006 WW Softswitch Market Shares
Position Q-Q Growth

Siemens 1 + 2.1

Nortel 2 - 15.8

Alcatel 3 + 57.9

Italtel 4 + 17.1

Netcentrex 5 + 3.7

VoIP Media Gateways grew 30.1 percent year-over-year and 13.5 percent sequentially. High Density Media Gateways grew 10.5 percent year-over-year. Of the top five Media Gateway market share leaders, Cisco, Siemens and Sonus posted the strongest growth quarter-over-quarter growing 171.0, 21.3 and 9.2 percent, respectively.

Softswitch sales grew 31.8 percent year-over-year and 7.8 percent sequentially. Of the top five Softswitch market share leaders, Alcatel, Italtel, Netcentrex and Siemens posted the strongest growth quarter-over-quarter growing 57.9, 17.1, 3.7 and 2.1 percent, respectively.

About the Reports

Synergy's Q2 2006 Service Provider VoIP Market Share reports are available for purchase at or by contacting Heather Wilson at 775-852-3330. Synergy provides separate Market Share and Forecast reports for Service Provider VoIP for Worldwide, U.S., EMEA, UK, APAC, and LAM regions.

About Synergy Research Group

Synergy Research Group is regarded as the definitive authority for networking and telecom market research by Wall Street firms, leading equipment vendors, and component manufacturers. Synergy can be found at

The contents of this press release represent SRG's interpretation and analysis of statistics and information collected from authorized company representatives, industry sources, and SRG estimates. SRG does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the statistics or information contained in this release.


Heather Wilson
(775) 852-3330
Email Contact

SOURCE: Synergy Research Group

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Broadvoice offers 911

Many BroadVoice customers upgrade to E911 and Basic 911 by registering their physical address online.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 22, 2006 –- BroadVoice, the leading provider of high quality, feature-rich broadband phone services to consumers and businesses, announced that 100% of its customers in the US now have access to 911 service. A BroadVoice customer dialing 9-1-1 is connected to either a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), or the National Emergency Call Center, both of which are capable of dispatching emergency services.

BroadVoice automatically provides Enhanced 911, Basic 911, and 911 service to eligible customers. For Enhanced 911 and Basic 911 service a BroadVoice customer must enter and maintain their physical address location. When customers with Enhanced 911 service place 9-1-1 calls, BroadVoice automatically transmits their physical address to the dispatcher, whereas customers using Basic 911 and 911 service must talk to the operator to provide their location. Customers using 911 services can change their registered physical address by visiting the BroadVoice web site,

BroadVoice VoIP phone service allows consumers and business to save 70% or more on phone service while enjoying innovative features not available with traditional phone lines. "Traditional phone companies have felt competitive pressure from VoIP carriers. In response, they've cited their 911 service as a competitive advantage. Naturally, the old phone companies want to keep that advantage, so they haven't been particularly helpful in providing VoIP carriers with access to their 911 call centers," said Les Berry, BroadVoice president. "Now that we've overcome these roadblocks, we can provide 911 services to every customer. This has been our objective from day one."

About BroadVoice
BroadVoice is the leading provider of high quality, feature-rich broadband phone services to consumers and businesses. BroadVoice VoIP phone service allows thousands of customers in the United States and more than 120 other countries to use their high-speed DSL or cable modem to make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world. Customers benefit from unlimited domestic and international calling and a suite of more than 25 basic and advanced features for one low monthly price. Founded in December 2003, BroadVoice is privately held and based in Billerica, MA. For additional information, visit

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The Nokia N80 is Launched

Nokia has announced the latest addition to its Nseries family, the Nokia N80.

The company says the N80 is a truly high-end convergence device for people who want a mix of entertainment and productivity features. It has Wi-fi, a 3 mega pixels camera, integrated flash, 20x digital zoom, and a video and MP3 player.

Announcing the launch of the N80, Gautam Advani, director - multimedia experiences, Nokia India, said, "The Nokia N80 demonstrates the cutting-edge technological leadership of the Nseries, and offers an unparalleled experience to consumers. This compact, Internet-optimized, and feature-rich device has raised the bar for mobile devices. Comprising the functionality of a highly advanced converged mobile device, the Nokia N80 empowers people to pursue professional goals and personal passions with equal fervor."

The N80 sports a unique Internet browser with a specially designed feature to optimize users' mobile browsing experience. The new Internet browser features Minimap, a guide to view the entire Web page in miniature. Besides, the browser offers advanced navigation functionality to enable a better Internet viewing experience.

The phone is said to facilitate superior mobile photography, and features a high definition display with 90 percent more pixels than QVGA displays that are commonly used in smart phones and digital music players.

Moreover, the N80 weighs only 134 grams, and is the first quad-band handset designed to work both on 3G and four GSM bands.
The intuitive browsing and fast Internet access makes it possible to send and receive emails at Wireless LAN (WLAN) speeds.

The phone also incorporates Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology, enabling seamless home media networking with compatible TVs, audio systems, and PCs.

The N80 is based on the S60 smart phone platform, the 3rd Edition, and Symbian OS that includes a comprehensive VoIP framework. The powerful imaging smart phone also has CIF video capture with inbuilt video stabilization.

The phone is priced at Rs 32,000, and will be on the market in about a week's time.

Digium $13.8 million in Venture Capital

On Wednesday, Digium closed an initial $13.8 million round of funding from venture capitalist Matrix Partners. Open source mavens may recognize the name; Matrix was one of the backers of the open source application server JBoss, which in April was sold to Red Hat (Nasdaq: RHAT) for more than $400 million.

Matrix General Partner David Skok told Venture Wire in an interview that Digium's Asterisk telephony technology "has the potential to be sold to every company in the world." Okay, then.

Interestingly, Digium founder and CEO Mark Spencer said in announcing the deal that the company didn't need the funding. Instead, says Spencer, Digium sought Matrix's expertise to help grow the business globally. That seems fair, given Matrix's success with JBoss. But it's also hard to see how Digium could do much better than it already is. Referring back to the press release, Digium says that it has been profitable since 2002 and has grown by 100% for the "last several years." What's more, there are currently 1 million Asterisk users and each day brings another 1,000 new downloads of the software.