Thursday, September 27, 2007

Digium Acquires Switchvox

Digium, the Corporate Sponsor and creator of the extremely popular Asterisk Open Source PBX has announced today that it has acquired Fourloop Technologies, makers of the Switchvox PBX.

In an interview with TMC's Tom Keating, both Digium's Bill Miller and Mark Spencer made reference to the product's future and how they might play their hand against the marketing company know in these parts as the "F" word.

"So as a contrast right, look at what Fonality did. They bought an open source project [trixbox/asterisk@home] and then turned it into a proprietary product. What we are trying to do is go the other way. Take something that started out as a fully proprietary product and to try to leverage that to bring some additional technologies into open source. That's an interesting angle that I don't think anyone has covered." Mark Spencer...

In my professional opinion, this is the greatest news to come along in a while~!

As a technologist I have had the fortunate luck of installing Switchvox and have to say that the solution really puts Trixbox in it's place.

Mike White


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