Monday, August 13, 2007

Update to Aastra 5i Models

Announcing the addition of a new English language keypad design for the Aastra 5i Series of powerful and stylish VoIP Telephones

In response to multiple customer requests regarding the popular new 5i Series of IP telephones, Aastra Telecom announces the immediate availability of a new English language keypad version of this Series.

All models of the 5i Series can now be ordered with labeled keys for the “Goodbye”, “Options”, “Hold” and “Redial” functions among others, rather than the existing symbol keys. The new 5i Series English Text Keypad products retain the same product content, functionalities and price as the existing 5i Symbol versions of the product.

We believe most end users will prefer the clarity offered by the English Text keypad version of the 5i Series for the foreseeable future. The current 5i Series Symbol Keypad products remain in production and will be the preferred order option within specific regional markets in North America.
Note that this enhancement to our portfolio does not impact the 536M and 560M expansion modules.
When ordering Aastra 5i Series product in the future, please refer to the following chart to ensure you receive the keypad version you prefer:

5i Series Order Numbers – English Text and Symbols Keypad

Part Number Description
A1753-0131-10-01 53i CHAR SIP NA ENG TEXT KPD
A1753-0131-10-05 53i CHAR SIP NA SYMBOL
A1755-0131-10-01 55i CHAR SIP NA ENG TEXT KPD
A1755-0131-10-05 55i CHAR SIP NA SYMBOL
A1757-0131-10-01 57i CHAR SIP NA ENG TEXT KPD
A1757-0131-10-05 57i CHAR SIP NA SYMBOL
A1758-0131-10-01 57i CT SIP NA ENG TEXT KPD
A1758-0131-10-05 57i CT SIP NA SYMBOL

Please click here to download a copy of the current release announcement.

Please pass this information along to your ordering group for future reference as required. If you require additional information,


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