Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More on Polycom's new DECT Line-Up...

Polycom, Inc. , the world's leading provider of unified collaborative communications solutions, today announced the availability of the KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 for the North American Market. The KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 offers small businesses highly secure mobile voice within the workplace that connects to SIP-based IP-PBX systems. Polycom also announced availability of its new general office handset, the KIRK 5020, supporting a lightweight form factor and color display.

"As widespread as the technology is in Europe, DECT technology has just recently seen traction in the North American market. Businesses are now realizing the cost savings associated with wireless technologies," said Richard Webb, directing analyst, Wireless at Infonetics. "As a standalone voice platform that increases mobility in the workplace, DECT provides highly secure telephony that benefits not only vertical markets, such as retail and warehousing, but also the general office."

Capable of supporting up to 35 users in a single server with the flexibility to expand, the KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 is ideal for small and medium businesses (SMBs) looking for a dedicated voice network that leverages their installed IP network and SIP- based IP PBX. With an integrated server/base-station design that uses the wired IP network for IP-PBX connectivity, the KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 provides a cost-effectively deployment while delivering secure communications over a 1.9 GHz wireless signal. This powerful combination brings cost-effective wireless telephony to the growing population of SMBs deploying standards-based IP-PBX systems in the workplace. KIRK Repeaters can also be used to expand the coverage area and further improve performance.

The KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 is also the first DECT system to achieve certification for support of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) via the DigiumAsterisk IP telephony solution. Digium certification ensures interoperability with Asterisk Business Edition(TM), which means customers can benefit from an open platform that delivers a cost-effective solution for businesses where employee mobility and availability is an integral part of the business process. Interoperability with Asterisk Business Edition adds to Polycom's extensive list of enterprise PBX platforms supported through circuit-switched and VoIP protocols.

The newly introduced KIRK 5020 Wireless Telephone is a sleek handset that joins the existing KIRK 3040, 4020 and 4040 handsets. The 5020 handset is designed for general office use and has an intuitive user interface, utilizing the large color display with icons as well as text. It has support for text messaging as well as a speakerphone, vibrating option for privacy, a 250-entry address book, and talk/standby time of 20 hours and 200 hours, respectively.

"We are committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive selection of IP phones on the market, across both wired and wireless," said Chalan Aras, Polycom vice president of marketing for Voice Communications. "With the introduction of the new DECT products to North America, businesses of any size may now select from our full portfolio of products that fully integrate with Asterisk and help to increase productivity through enhanced mobility in the workplace."

Pricing and Availability

The KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 is now available in North America through Polycom certified channel partners. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is U.S. $2,195, which includes four KIRK 4020 handsets. Polycom also offers a system including four KIRK 5020 handsets for U.S. $2,495. Each system is comprised of a wireless server, power supplies, and battery packs and belt clips for each of the handsets. The KIRK 5020 is available at a list price of U.S. $415.

About Polycom

Polycom, Inc. is the worldwide leader in unified collaborative communications (UCC) that maximize the efficiency and productivity of people and organizations by integrating the broadest array of high definition video, wired and wireless voice, and content solutions to deliver the ultimate collaborative experience. Polycom's high quality, standards-based conferencing and collaboration solutions are easy to deploy and manage, as well as intuitive to use. Supported by an open architecture, they integrate seamlessly with leading telephony, workplace wireless telephony, and presence- based networks. With its market-driving technologies, best-in-class products, alliance partnerships, and world-class service, Polycom is the smart choice for organizations seeking proven solutions and a competitive advantage from on-demand communications and collaboration. For additional information, call 800-POLYCOM or visit the Polycom web site at http://www.polycom.com .


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