Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PIKA Connect For Asterisk Now Supports Asterisk 1.2 and Low-Density Boards

Media processing hardware and software manufacturer PIKA Technologies announced today the latest release of PIKA Connect for Asterisk, which adds support for PIKA’s low-density analog boards and compatibility with Asterisk 1.2.

PIKA Connect is a free software layer/channel driver, distributed under the GNU Public
License, that provides connectivity between PIKA’s boards and Asterisk’s open-source PBX software.

In a press release, PIKA architect Wojciech Tryc commented that, “With PIKA Connect for Asterisk, the Asterisk development community can benefit from advanced features for fax and echo cancellation in low and high density analog applications.”

Tryc continued: “In addition, support for H.100 allows for low latency native switching between our high density analog boards. This is made possible by PIKA's DSP processing power on the board.”

The new version of PIKA Connect for Asterisk will be available by the end of June, 2006, on the PIKA Developer Zone, the company said.


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