Friday, May 12, 2006

Introducing the IX68 with ADSL2+modem

The SurfinBird IX68 is a new generation of SIP aware combo IAD router and firewall all in one. It takes the previous rewarded Intertex ADSL Modems to new dimensions. The new SurfinBird IX68 models have higher capacity, better functionality and more IP telephony features based on the SIP standard. This device incorporates NAT traversal or ALG properties with a solid QoS and is a ideal unit for VoIP Service Providers playing in the ADSL space. Works greate with snom IP Phones.

It comes with the following options: wireless access point supporting IEEE 802.11b/g 54 Mbps, telephony ports for connecting a conventional telephone for use with SIP based IP Telephony or to work as a gateway for SIP based IP telephony and the old telephone network and SIP switch (for PBX like features).

A version that supports a single FXO port and FXS port are available. Ideal for hosted PBX players that need a redundancy switch and need a immediate solution to routing 911 and local calls.

IX68 -Complete Broadband CPE/IAD!


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