Friday, May 12, 2006

Guaranteed Internet Access for your VoIP System

Can you run your business with out significant pain and distraction when your Internet link is down and you have no email and no VoIP?

Give your customer peace of mind that his business operations will never be without internet access by using our new Astrocom PowerLink Pro™ to create a redundant Internet access path by combining 3 to 15 Internet connections aggregating bandwidth and load balancing.

In some regions you just can't get a data T1 or its simply too expensive. With this product you can bind several business DSLs and/or cable modem links to exceed the performace of a T1 with better redundnacy.

PowerLink Pro™ is a multi-homing Internet access appliance, an Internet traffic manager if you will, that sits between the LAN and the WAN. Combine Cable, T1/E1s, ADSLs or and even multiple ISDN lines for a more powerful and redundant Internet link. This is great for VoIP but can also be a life saver for users of hosted applications like CRM or ERP systems.
Professional deployments have a plan for redundancy. Once your customers understand this product they will never give up the peace of mind this offers them


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