Friday, May 12, 2006

Epygi Quadro Has New Features 2X, 4X, and the 16X

Using the new 3.1 software, a Quadro can be configured to connect all calls to the receptionist.

If the receptionist is on the phone at the time a call comes in, the second call will be answered by a queue and a hold message will be played, "Please hold, someone will be available to answer your call momentarily," then hold music will play. Once the receptionist is off the first call, his/her phone will ring, and when answered, the first caller in the queue in FIFO order will be connected to the receptionist. Should the receptionist not answer the call when it comes out of the queue, it will go to voicemail for the receptionist's extension.

A virtual extension can be created that contains a group of extensions in a 'pickup group'. Any phone in the office can pick up any calls to these extensions by dialing the virtual extension from these other phones.

Paging and full support for snom IP phones including line appearances are now included.


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