Friday, May 12, 2006

Complete Provisioning Service Available for Linksys Phones

Linksys adds new IP Phones and IP devices. The new 942 now offers POE which makes it a phone suitable for office deployment Linksys 942 IP Phone. This is also a great Service Provider product, for IP Centrex / Hosted PBX applications. These solid looking SOHO style IP Phone with 2 lines that can be field upgraded to 4 lines, a second ethernet port and power over ethernet. (POE) IEEE 802.3af. Stylish design with 4 LED lit buttons for VM, hold and other functions.

ABP also introduced the SPA901 and expecting to have soon the new phones SPA921, SPA922 and the Linksys wireless phone WIP300.

The SPA901, small, affordable, single line business class IP Phone, wall mount or table top phone. It comes with easy installation and secure remote provisioning. Menu based and web based configuration.

Ideal products for ITSPs that are already deploying Linksys product as ATAs and whish to have a consistent provisioning system across the platform.


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