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DIDx provides "Virtual Numbers" for Gizmo Project European VoIP customers; users of the popular Internet calling software benefit from local phone numbers.

Pensacola, FL, May 06, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- Super Technologies today announced that SIPphone, the VoIP platform and directory behind the popular Gizmo Project Internet calling software, is using its DIDx service to provide local phone numbers for several countries in the European Union.

Through Super Technologies' DIDxchange global DID ("direct inward dialing") marketplace, Gizmo Project now offers "Virtual Numbers" for customers in France, UK and Spain. These numbers enable users to have their own traditional, local phone number for VoIP-enabled devices and "softphones" like Gizmo Project. Using an easily recognizable local phone number, friends and business contacts can reach Gizmo users no matter where they happen to be physically located. Additional "Virtual Numbers" for international customers will be rolled out in the future.

"The Internet opens geographic boundaries so that the idea of doing business inside just one country is being superseded by a focus on competing in the global marketplace," said Super Technologies, Inc. DIDx VP Suzanne Bowen. "DIDx assists the best Internet Telephony Service Providers such as Gizmo Project to do exactly that. Gizmo will now be able to automatically sell the DID's from DIDxchange under the average consumer target price. Global carriers can now make cutting edge companies such as SIPphone their customer simply by joining the DIDxchange."

The Gizmo Project uses an Internet connection to allow users to make free phone calls using a Windows, Macintosh or Linux personal computer. Gizmo also sports features like conference calling, voice-mail and instant messaging (IM) that is completely inter-operable with Google Talk and hundreds of other IM networks. Inexpensive add-ons like Call In and Call Out allows Gizmo callers to connect to others who may be using landlines and cell phones.

"The number one feature request for Gizmo we're hearing from International users is to have a familiar, local number that their friends, family and work associates can dial," said Jason Droege, President of SIPphone. "Tapping into the DIDx service for these and future `virtual' numbers will fuel growth of the Gizmo Project worldwide."

The Gizmo Project is freely available from

About Super Technologies DIDxchange:

Super Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1999 with the objective to give leverage to its global customer base of the most practical and innovative voice technology, including white label VoIP software and DIDx. Today, the company connects over 2000 ITSP's, CLEC's and ILEC's to buy, sell and trade DID's (Direct Inward Dialing) with DIDxchange and others. For further information, visit

About SIPphone:

SIPphone is a San Diego, CA-based Voice over IP (VoIP) company founded in 2003 that provides a VoIP platform and directory ("dialtone") on which any SIP-based hardware or software developer can offer free VoIP service. SIPphone is also a founding member of IM Federation (, which promotes interconnects between all networks. SIPphone currently connects with Google's Google Talk and more than a hundred other networks.

The free Gizmo Project software for Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and Linux computers is developed by SIPphone. This VoIP "softphone" enables high-quality free calling worldwide using any Internet-connected computer. Gizmo includes free conference calling, customizable voice-mail, Instant Messaging (IM) and a host of other convenient features. Download the Gizmo Project at

SOURCE: Super Technologies, Inc.

Super Technologies, Inc., Pensacola
Suzanne Bowen, 212-736-3719
SIPphone, Inc.
Kevin La Rue, 858-356-5451
Gizmo: KLR


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