Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DuSLIC (Dual-channel Subscriber Line Interface Circuit)

The latest member of its DuSLIC (Dual-channel Subscriber Line Interface Circuit) family of products for voice and VoIP-enabled devices has been announced by Infineon Technologies.

DuSLIC-xT is an energy-efficient CODEC / SLIC that offers best in class cost position for a complete voice enabled system. It reduces the overall bill-of-material for voice and VoIP systems including cable modems, analog terminal adaptors (ATA) and VoIP terminal applications by up to 50% depending on system specifications and requirements. DuSLIC-xT also helps to shrink the line interface unit footprint by up to 40% compared to current solutions.

The DuSLIC-xT includes an integrated high definition (HD) audio interface which allows the device to provide an interface between a PC or laptop and an analog phone. Such voice-integrated PC applications enable users to make low-cost, high-quality VoIP telephone calls by connecting an analog phone directly to a PC or laptop, says the company.

“As VoIP gains mass market acceptance, our customers are looking to gain additional business in voice terminal applications, while extending to new untapped markets,” said Christian Wolff, senior vice president of the Communication Solutions business group and general manager of the Wireline Access business unit at Infineon. "DuSLIC-xT simplifies system design by minimizing the development time and the bill-of-material (BOM) and paves the way for PC-based VoIP applications that will further fuel customer adoption".

DuSLIC-xT (PEF 3201, PEF 3101) is offered as either a dual-channel or single-channel solution. The product combines one dual-channel CODEC and two single channel high-voltage SLICs in a PG-TQFP-100 package. Engineering samples including system design package will be available in July 2007, says the company.


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