Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Telappliant launches Asterisk dCAP Training and Certification Program for UK and European Markets

[UKPRwire, Mon Dec 04 2006] Telappliant, the leading UK-based Internet telephony solution provider, in an agreement with Digium® Inc., the Asterisk® company, are set to launch a suite of Asterisk training courses to address the needs of the enterprise market. This is the first European extension of the Digium Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP) training programme, which originated in the United States. Courses will range from a one-day induction to a five-day “Boot Camp” and provide medium to large enterprises insight into Asterisk technology for those with basic to advanced skills.

“As the industry’s first open source telephony platform with implementations all over the globe, dCAP certification helps to identify Asterisk experts,” said Bill Miller, vice president of product management and marketing at Digium. He added, “The value in becoming a dCAP is not only the recognition of having deep Asterisk knowledge and the ability to configure a PBX, but also the ability to bring a new skill set to one’s career or company”.

This dCAP training programme, provided by Telappliant, will be the first-recognised Asterisk qualification awarded by Digium in Europe. Attendees who successfully complete the advanced courses will be seen within the Asterisk community as having expert knowledge of a specific released, stable version of Asterisk. In addition, they will have completed a hands-on practical lab in which a PBX was configured according to a given specification.

“Asterisk growth is rising, especially among medium and large enterprises,” said Muhammad Nasim, CTO of Telappliant Ltd. “With our certification programme, attendees can learn how to setup and install Asterisk and gain certification in a VoIP technology that is fast becoming the solution of choice for many organisations. Surpassing more than one thousand downloads per day we are now seeing very large organisations implementing Asterisk-based solutions. Many of our larger customers are now requesting formal training and qualification programmes. The dCAP qualification is the first of such certifications and will stand as a recognised and valuable qualification among organisations.”

The courses are scheduled to begin in January 2007 and those interested are encouraged to apply now. Information on training can be found by visiting

About Telappliant
Telappliant is a leading UK-based Internet telephony solution provider, specialising in end-to-end solution delivery for the enterprise market. Telappliant owns and operates the VoIPtalk™ Internet telephony network and offers a diverse range of Asterisk-based solutions ranging from VoIPOffice™ Enterprise IP PBX to White Label services for resellers and service providers. Further information can be found by visiting


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