Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sample VoIP RFP Info

The RFP described a sample business with the following attributes:

--One Receptionist
--Uses Cisco (nasdaq: CSCO - news - people ) 7940 VOIP phones
--Uploads/downloads three large CAD files (20 MB) per day
--Five concurrent calls at peak times each day
--Unlimited calling in the U.S.
--Online portal for self configuration

Features needed:

--Voice mail account for each seat
--Four-digit dialing to all other system phones
--Caller ID
--Call forwarding
--Call transfer
--Voicemail to e-mail
--Find-me/follow-me (simple)

Because the VOIP needs of small business vary so widely, and because providers are proposing such a variety of solutions, our list is not meant as a ranking. Close observers of the SMB VOIP space say it's too early to declare any market leaders.


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