Friday, November 17, 2006

Aastra SIP Phones - Firmware Release 1.4.1

Release 1.4.1 delivers new feature set including:
  • Local redundancy support enabling administrator to configure backup proxy and registrar servers locally on the phone.
  • Simplifying deployments complexity through the auto-discovery of a configuration server.
  • Dial plan enhancement allows the administrator to configure the phone to automatically append prefix digits thereby simplifying users dialing pattern.
  • XML enhancements including new XML objects and events-triggered XML application access.
  • Enhanced integration with Sylantro® platforms via support of additional classes for priority alerting. In addition, Last Call
  • New interpretabilities with partners’ solution including MetaSwitch platform and CounterPath softclient.
  • Return is supported on either programmable hard keys or soft keys.

For a complete list of Aastra SIP Telphones and firmware please visit:

Download Direct From Aastra @

By downloading, you accept the terms of the Aastra Software License Agreement.


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