Monday, February 20, 2006

Introducing the Hitachi-Cable Wireless IP5000

The Hitachi-Cable Wireless IP5000 offers innumerable wireless applications. The Wireless IP5000 is highly dependable with a solid SIP stack and feature set and a great look and feel. You will have the confidence that your client has purchased a wireless phone that is solidly functional and meets their communications needs.

Only $298 @


$298.00 USD Add to Cart View Cart LIVE PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE!

The advantage of the Wireless IP5000:

• Successfully roams across different access points.

• Supports all PBX features in standard SIP including hold, transfer, Message waiting, VM indicator & even SIP Instant Messaging as well as Outbound Proxy.

• Interop tested with all major IPBX vendors and functions well with every one of them!

• Now comes with English only Keyboard. (The secondary colored Japanese Characters in the backgrounds now are gone!)

The disadvantage of lower cost options:

• Many are vaporware or have a SIP stack that does not perform.

• Lack of features & interoperability to be deployed in a commercial environment.

• Many lack the look and feel of a durable wireless phone .

• The chance of your reputation as a quality vendor being compromised due to inadequate functionality and durability.

.e4 will provide you with a 10 user demo Proxy server to build your Mobility network. .e4 also offers discounted products for your lab phones and 10 user free unlimited lab proxy server.

Call or email today and let us explain how you can get a leg up on your competition with this exceptional product!


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