Monday, February 06, 2006

Why Open Source?

It isn't all about cheap; companies keep finding good reasons to take advantage of open-source software.

For instance, the use of proprietary software like Microsoft's SQL Server comes with its own list of hazards and pitfalls. "Slammer" the worm that crippled much of the Internet was spread through Microsoft SQL Server... However, it did not affect the open source MySQL.

MySQL is a great example of open source and how the developer community is making advances that are yet to be seen within their proprietary counterparts.

The MySQL database was built with the philosophy that a web database should be lean and fast. It doesn't incorporate the diverse array of application server features that Oracle and Microsoft database tools do, instead focusing on core performance and leaving enhanced functions to scripting languages. MySQL runs on a variety of operating systems, including AIX, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows, and Linux and is well known for its reliability

Other Open Source Gems... I call them gems because they are truly...truly...truly outrageous. (FYI, that is a very obscure cartoon reference)

Apache: The most widely used web server software in the world (and yes, it still handily beats Microsoft IIS), Apache can be run on a variety of operating systems, including AIX, Digital UNIX, FreeBSD, Irix, Mac OS X, Netware, OpenBSD, Solaris, SunOS, Windows, and of course, Linux. Apache's security record is far better than that of Microsoft IIS. It can be downloaded from

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