Thursday, February 23, 2006

Epygi Quadro 4x IP PBX SIP

PBX Features:

Call block, forward, hold, ID, park, relay, transfer, wait
Voice mail
Multilevel auto attendant with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Directory assistance
Distinctive ring, hold music, speed dialing
Hunt group
Many extensions ring
Call statistics
Do not disturb service
Unified messaging
3-way conferencing
Hotline service
T.38 fax, fax relay and clear channel fax
Unified Fax Messaging
Busy auto redial
Multiple user extensions (up to 70 physical/virtual extensions)


• Up to 70 extensions including FXS phones (4), IP phones (up to 16) and virtual extensions)

• The virtual extensions allow e.g., registering on several SIP servers

• Up to 20 remote extensions for any physical extension

Premise Connections:

• 4 short-loop FXS ports (RJ11) +
• 1 Ethernet 10/100BASE T port (RJ45)
• 1 USB master connection

Uplink Connection:

• 2 FXO ports to the Central Office (RJ11)
• 1 Ethernet 10BASE T (RJ45)

USB Expansion:

• USB memory sticks for additional voice mail storage


• Multilingual WEB interface accessible from LAN and WAN (HTTP/HTTPS), the WAN management access can be switched off
• Password control
• Remote diagnostics and software upgrade
• VoIP Carriers wizard
• Download/restore configuration
• Legible and editable configuration files
• Auto-configuration via TFTP
• Reset button with factory reset option


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