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  VoIP Fulfillment Services, Private-label packaging, VoIP Provisioning services
For companies who offer VoIP Services, .e4 provides the easy way to get the hardware to the end user, configured and ready to go
For new customers, we can provide initial capacities up to 1000 units a week.

The .e4 Advantage!
• Real time XML stock availability.
• Online ordering
• Branded dispatch note (your logo, not .e4)
• Configuration server options
o Use .e4 managed configuration server
o .e4 redirect endpoint to service providers own configuration server

Typical Scenario from End users perspective

1. End User visits service provider's website and orders a VoIP service
2. Website offers options of hardware for the customer to select
3. End user adds hardware to shopping basket, and pays for service and hardware together
4. VoIP equipment arrives next day, preconfigured and ready to go

Behind the scenes

1. Service provider's website reads XML information from .e4 to display stock availability
2. Service provider electronically transfers the order information (Name, Address, product, SIP username, SIP password) to .e4.
3. .e4 dispatch ordered hardware directly to the end user, including a dispatch note with the service providers branding
4. The SIP details are loaded onto .e4's configuration server
5. Service provider receives a combined weekly invoice for all orders

• No need to Stock or pay for hardware up front. Also no inward shipping fees to your warehouse.
• No need to get involved in packing
• Benefit from reduced shipping rates, because of the shipping volume of .e4
• Ordering can be completely electronic.
• Online monitoring of order status


This service is generally available to service providers who will buy at least 50 VoIP Endpoint units per month, subject to .e4's approval. Please contact .e4 to discuss your exact requirements.
• Agree pricing, invoicing terms and sales forecasts
• We need a PDF of your company letterhead
• Financial setup - agree payment terms
• Agree default SIP configuration for devices.
o Firmware version
o SIP servers
o Which settings customers can change
o NTP Server



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