Monday, June 04, 2007

Sangoma goes Platinum- ClueCon Telephony Conference

ClueCon Announces Sangoma Technologies' Platinum Sponsorship

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Sangoma Technologies become Platinum Sponsor for one of the most-awaited open source telephony conferences of the year.

Derwood, MD - June 4, 2007 - Cluecon announces the platinum sponsorship of Sangoma Technologies in the upcoming Open Source Telephony Conference. Existing for more than 20 years in the VoIP and telephony connectivity industry, Sangoma Technologies has provided infrastructure and solutions compatible with today's communications applications and protocols.

Sangoma Technologies will be represented by Chief Software Engineer, Nenad Corbic.
Nenad Corbic, a pioneer in the connectivity hardware and software development, will represent Sangoma Technologies in the said event. Nenad is a graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto and holds an Honors degree in Computer Engineering.

About Sangoma (
Sangoma's technological expertise is data and voice communications. From the earliest days, we have concentrated on delivering data across long distance networks efficiently and cost effectively. Today we are the leading provider of PC-based voice and data communications products to customers large and small in over 130 countries around the world.
Data and Voice communications can be complex, but technology can make it simple for the user. Sangoma's tools coupled with our rock-solid product reliability make complex WANs and voice networks something our customers never have to think about.
About ClueCon
ClueCon - is an annual 3-Day Telephony User and Developer Conference bringing together the entire spectrum of Telephony from TDM circuits to VoIP and everything in between. The presentations and discussions will cover several open source telephony applications such as Asterisk/OpenPBX, Bayonne, YATE and FreeSWITCH.
Each day of the conference is filled with presentations and Q&A sessions with many of the leaders in the industry including hardware engineers, programmers and project leaders. No short course or even full semester can deliver as much information and knowledge as this concentrated exposure to the front lines of Telephony.

June 26-28, 2007

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ClueCon will be held at:
Best Western Inn of Chicago
162 E Ohio Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Phone: (312) 787-3100
Fax: (312) 573-3136
Toll Free: (800) 557-2378 US/Canada


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