Saturday, April 15, 2006

VoIP Fulfillment - PROvisioning - ISP/VoIP Providers

.e4 is now offering complete ISP and VoIP service Provider fulfillment services. This offering extends our current reach to assist Hosted IP PBX and residential VoIP providers, by lessening the burden of inventory control and configuration.

With .e4 VoIP PROvisoning - ISPs and VoIP startups no longer bear the Up-Front cost associated with large inventories and staffing needs.

"As VoIP Start-ups grow, they currently forfeit profits for market share. Our service allows them to operate with low expense while maintaining very high margins in the early adopter VoIP Market.

This service affords these firms the ability to recieve lower cost ATAs ( Analog Telephone Adapters) and well as VoIP telephones and endpoints from leading edge manufaturers. It also creates the possibility for companies to utilize our VoIP private labeling program which creates brand recognition with the customers that they are working so hard to keep.

For more information or to Join the .e4 buying consortium please visit:

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.e4 Technologies
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Traverse City, MI 49686
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