Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Aspect Software


Aspect Software (News - Alert), Inc., the world’s largest company solely focused on the contact center, today announced it will provide and support the Digium open source internet protocol (IP) PBX, the Asterisk Business Edition – a professional-grade version of the industry’s first open source IP –PBX – for customers of its Unified and Signature product lines. The Aspect Software packaged offering includes:

· The Asterisk Business Edition license,

· SIP phones (optional),

· Application servers and IP gateways (optional),

· Interoperability with Aspect contact center products,

· Installation and deployment of the solution, and

· Post-deployment support.

The increased adoption of session initiation protocol (SIP) and standards-based technology points to open source as an increasingly viable option. The early adopters of this technology have been drawn by the low cost, as well as the greater control and flexibility that open source telephony offers to companies.

“We recognized that organizations desire greater transport choices and our new open source IP PBX offering is one example of Aspect Software developing viable solutions to meet customer demands,” said Gary Barnett, chief technology officer and executive vice president of technical services at Aspect Software. “Asterisk Business Edition provides the capabilities and scalability required to address the needs of the dynamic contact center and when packaged with Aspect Software products, companies can now invest their limited resources in application innovation.”

The Asterisk Business Edition IP PBX provides tested reliability of critical functions and features and includes support and full documentation. Based on the Asterisk open source PBX, the product offers companies the same call handling capabilities expected of closed PBX systems, at a substantially reduced cost, including features such as switched or packet data and voice mail.

“Asterisk is enabling a new wave of businesses and developers to create solutions and applications for the phone system, in ways that are surprisingly similar to the early days of the personal computer,” said Mark Spencer, creator of Asterisk and president of Digium. “When proven leaders like Aspect Software, a dominating player in the contact center industry, join the revolution, that means a great deal for Asterisk and open source in general.”

Aspect Software has demonstrated interoperability between the Asterisk open source IP PBX and Aspect Uniphi Suite from the company’s Unified product line. Aspect has since expanded the number of Unified and Signature line of products that can interoperate with Asterisk, as well as established readiness for installation and ongoing support of the packaged offering through Aspect Global Services.

“Industry experts have acknowledged that the biggest obstacle to wide-spread adoption of open source applications has been installation and ongoing support. With Aspect Software deploying Asterisk Business Edition package, ensuring interoperation with our contact center solutions and offering post-implementation maintenance and support, companies are able to take advantage of the benefits of open source without the worry of disrupting service to customers,” said Barnett. “Now, there is nothing to stand in the way of companies being able to leverage the benefits that open source provides, including inexpensive voice transport.”

“In our view, the underlying PBX infrastructure is a commodity. It is only when our solutions are integrated with that infrastructure that a company can see the real value in their contact center,” said Barnett. “Think of a house. The plumbing is very important to the function of the house – but the type of plumbing installed isn’t a huge differentiator. It is the house and all it has to offer that really sells it to the buyer. The same is true with an IP PBX. Essentially, they all provide the same call handling capabilities and organizations are asking themselves why they should pay for a solution that they can get for little or no cost? It’s when packaged with unified, multi-channel contact center solutions that companies can see the real value and benefits.”


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