Epygi Quadro 4x
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  Epygi Quadro 4x IP PBX SIP

Epygi Quadro 4x

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Epygi Quadro 4x Information:

Simply connect the Quadro4x to a broadband Internet service using an Ethernet cable. Next, connect up to 4 ordinary phones and fax machines to the Quadro. In minutes, you are able to make VoIP calls for free. The Quadro's voice quality will almost always be better than using your long distance company.

 In addition to its Voice over IP capabilities, the Quadro4x has a host of features for the remote office or small business. With its built-in IP router, you can create a firewall protected computer network. In addition, you can establish a VPN from the Quadro to other Quadros or to the corporate office.

 The PBX features of the Quadro like voicemail and conferencing give you all the phone features you would have at any large corporate office. The SIP voice over IP gateway allows you to connect to other Quadro users or a SIP server to make virtually free long distance calls all over the world. All this functionality is in one small appliance. To ensure optimal uptime for your business, the Quadro’s FXO port will automatically engage one of the phone ports to provide lifeline support in the event of a power outage.

Epygi Quadro 4x Price:

$1578.00 USD  |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart   |  


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