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  Receive Up to 40% off on Products And Services

Existing Customer Discount...
We appreciate our customers loyalty. Because of this, we are offering up to a 40% discount to existing customers who would like to Upgrade their existing product or purchase accessories for their current VoIP Project. Please contact  our sales department  for further information.

If your remote support and maintenance subscription has expired, we offer an automatic 20% discount to all of our customers with expired subscriptions who wish to upgrade.

sales@e4strategies.com or call (231) 946-4162 for more information.

Up to 40% off!
We realize that you may have invested a considerable amount of time and money in our products. If you like our products and would like to make the transition, we offer excellent upgrade packages.

In order to qualify for a upgrade discount, you must submit the following information before the discount can be provided:

  • Customer ID (Located on your Tracking Receipt)

  • Date Purchased

  • Original Purchase price

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