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  Digium VPMADT032 Echo Cancellation Module - TDM800P TDM2400P

digium vpmadt032, tdm800p, tdm2400p


$235.00 USD  |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart  |  

Digium VPMADT032 Features:

  • 128ms (1024 taps) of Echo Cancellation

  • 31 channels

  • G.168 Compliant

  • Algorithm certified Toll-Quality by AT&T

  • Uses No CPU time

  • Not susceptible to CPU starvation

  • Resides directly on the interface card

  • Not susceptible to PCI bus latency

Digium VPMADT032 Information:

The new Digium VPMADT032 Echo Cancellation Module has replaced the existing VPM100M that is used in creating the TDM24XX(e) series of 24 Port PCI Hardware, e.g. TDM2406E -

Digium VPMADT032 Configuration:

Works on Both the Digium TDM800P and the Digium TDM2400P

Digium VPMADT032 Price:

$235.00 USD  |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart 


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