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Asterisk Solutions

  Asterisk Solution

.e4 PRO Asterisk Solutions - a cost effective, robust, and expandable PBX solution based on the Asterisk Telephony Platform. Asterisk is an Open Source telephony server that runs on the rock solid Linux operating system. By using Open Source software and standards based hardware, phone system costs are dramatically reduced and flexibility is greatly enhanced.

Included with this offer:

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The .e4 Powered Asterisk PBX integrates existing analog lines with advanced VoIP technology, allowing dramatic cost savings by reducing or eliminating long-distance toll-charges and using single wire technology to deliver voice and data SOHO and enterprise workstations. The solution is vendor agnostic and standards based, allowing companies to choose the hardware that best meets their business application and budget.

Featured Asterisk hardware:


The SoundPoint IP 430 is a two-line desktop IP phone that delivers the outstanding voice quality and smoothness of natural two-way conversations with its full-duplex speakerphone featuring the Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology.

Polycom SoundPoint IP601, IP 601

The SoundPoint IP 601 – based on the award-winning SoundPoint IP 600 – is your best choice for a standards-based Voice over IP telephone. Ideal for users requiring multiple lines and advanced features.


asterisk solutions

The Wildcard TDM04B is a half-length PCI 2.2-compliant card that supports (4) FXO interfaces for connecting  analog POTS lines through a PC. Using Digium's Asterisk Open Source PBX software


Linksys SRW208P - 8-port 10/100 Switch with WebView and PoE

Growing businesses require cost effective, networking solutions that can scale with ever changing business needs. The Linksys SRW208P Web View managed switch brings a whole new level of intelligence and security to the network infrastructure.  



.e4 Pro Asterisk PBX platforms provide standard PBX calling features (call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding, etc.) as well as advanced features like Voicemail with email message delivery, Auto- Attendant, and Multi-party conferencing. Automated Call Distribution (ACD) functionality including call queues and remote agent login, allow call-center style handling and distribution of calls. Asterisk is also an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform, allowing the creating of custom database driven voice applications, through a variety of programming interfaces.

.e4 Only uses products that are certified and tested with Asterisk!

Polycom Certified


.e4 is a certified Polycom vendor - When working with us, clients will receive access to the latest Polycom IP 601 SIP and BootROM Files- It is also our policy to help with file management, Asterisk provisioning, and feature set configuration free of charge.



Asterisk is a complete PBX in software. It runs on Linux, BSD and MacOSX and provides all of the features you would expect from a PBX and more. Asterisk does voice over IP in many protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware.



Based in high-tech Huntsville, Alabama, Digium is the creator and primary developer of Asterisk, the industry's first Open Source PBX. Used in combination with Digium's PCI telephony interface cards, Asterisk offers a strategic, highly cost-effective approach to voice and data transport over IP, TDM, switched, and Ethernet architectures.

.e4 PRO Asterisk Features:

  • Unlimited Extensions

  • IP Phone / ATA extensions

  • Analog phone extensions

  • Call queue extensions

  • Virtual Extensions

  • IVR's

  • Extension Templates

  • Control permissions for each extension

  • 3,4,5 digit extensions

.e4 PRO Asterisk Voicemail Features:

  • Flexible Voicemail Access

  • Voicemail to your Email Inbox

  • Automatic Mailbox Creation

.e4 Pro Asterisk Call Queues:

  • Unlimited Call Queues

  • In Queue Call Routing

  • Route when a queue caller presses "0"

  • Queue Caller Timeout

  • Custom Music on Hold per Queue

  • Announce Position in Queue

  • Announce Estimated Hold Time

  • Announcement Frequency Control

  • Permanent queue members

  • Real Time Queue Status

  • Historical Queue Logs

  • Historical Queue Statistics

  • Ring All

  • Round Robin

  • Fewest Calls

  • Least Recently Called

  • Random

Asterisk Conferencing:

  • Simple Conference Room

  • Conference via handset

Asterisk Paging:

  • Paging & Intercom

  • 2-way Intercom

  • 1-way Paging

  • Overhead Paging

Asterisk Music on Hold:

  • Custom Music on Hold

  • Music on Hold included

  • Queue specific Music on Hold

Asterisk PBX Features:

  • Dial By Name Directory 

  • Call Parking

  • Custom Time Frames

  • Upgradeable Hardware

  • Advanced Diagnostics

  • IP Phone Diagnostic Tool

  • Compatible with POTS/PSTN analog, voice T1/E1, SIP and IAX trunks

$2,999.99 USD  |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart


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